These are the basic low school criteria; specific divisions or services have extra Honors requirement.

Off-Campus Majors

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Scripps students may petition for awards in off-campus majors if this important supplies awards and so the student satisfies the off-campus respects requisite and so the airg app for iphone Scripps minimal needs for honors as practice:

If the off-campus major provides honors at one college rather than at another, each student should stick to the application belonging to the institution that gives respects, but in uncommon settings may petition the commission on Academic Review for an exemption. In both circumstances, the case must include the low values required by the audience (case in point, further or specific lessons or low dissertation span) and ought to be appropriate all towards off-campus significant agent and reader(s) together with the Scripps adviser and reader(s).

Intercollegiate Programming

For intercollegiate training in which no awards major system might outlined from inside the Scripps or other list, Scripps children may petition for awards inside big. Minimal respects obligations could be as take:

Self-Designed Vital

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In a self-designed major, it will be the investment almost all faculty users tangled up in that self-designed big to consent to a honors system and also to set the feature for respects offered the learner fulfills the Scripps low requirements for awards as implement:


Scripps lesser needs must achieved when minor is provided at Scripps. For the minors offered by Scripps, involve the Majors and Minors part.

Children planning to execute a small should maintain the slight previously at the conclusion of the sophomore annum by finishing a minor testimony form, with agreement regarding the student’s Scripps agent and a prof through the specified slight area of research. A small declaration version must be sent to the Registrar no later on versus due date to incorporate lessons within the last session of enrollment. Suitable conclusion of a might be determined by-passing levels overall expected instruction with the very least cattle place standard of 6.0 (C) or more.

Needs for minors at Scripps college or university include determined by divisions and are also placed in the index within the outlines regarding the departmental programming. All minors are made up of at the least six term instruction or their unique equivalent. About one study course may double calculate between a significant and a minor or between two minors (although also the or General demand). Students may surpass this dual checking restriction when final amount of unduplicated methods about accepted testimony kind per each small reaches lowest five programs. At the least half of the minor classes needs to be used at Scripps, except wherein this regulation is definitely especially waived.

A good number of off-campus minors in field perhaps not offered at Scripps are available at Pitzer or Pomona schools. The necessities for off-campus small should be found, but also in all situations must consist of a minimum of six session lessons or the company’s counterpart. The above mentioned two fold counting restrictions pertain. The lesser type needs to be approved by the off-campus professors slight adviser as well as the Scripps adviser and biggest agent.

People may petition within the educational rules Subcommittee for a self-designed small. The case must contain:

A description of the slight and its own learning objectives.

An explanation relating to why/how the proposed small is an intellectual training with a unified and consistent subject material.

Reason why suggested small should not be covered by present programs of research accessible through the Claremont universities.

Records from just one or even more professors who will be dealing with students defending and giving support to the petition. The declaration from the faculty must manage the foundation due to this training and just why the prevailing regions of analysis around the 5Cs will not cater.

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